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SuiteDash Review, Pricing, Lifetime Deal 2023

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If you want to manage your business like a pro, nothing will help you more than a business management tool like SuiteDash. A tool like this will streamline your operations and enhance communication with all its top-notch features.

SuiteDash includes features like project and task management, CRM, invoicing, communication, reporting, document management, and more. The best part is that SuiteDash Appsumo is currently offering a one-time deal.

SuiteDash lifetime deal starts at $129 and also has nine other purchase options that you can look at. So don’t miss the opportunity, get the deal and access SuiteDash’s features for a lifetime.

Why Choose SuiteDash For Your Business?

SuiteDash Review

Let me briefly outline SuiteDash before getting into more detail about why you should pick it over other options. SuiteDash is a client portal software that allows its consumers to manage their operations more efficiently. 

It is best for SaaS, small businesses, solopreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. With all the SuiteDash features, you can easily streamline your business without hassle. 

This tool will work as a centralized location for your business with its innovative communication, task, and project management facilities.

In short, SuiteDash will work as an all-in-one tool where you’ll find everything under one roof to save you time and perform business management like a pro.

Lifetime deal of SuiteDash (Is It Worth It To Invest On?)

SuiteDash lifetime deal

Save up to 95%, that’s right. You can save up to 95% by getting the one-time purchase deal. Simply, purchase one of Appsumo’s lifetime deals, which are currently available in more than ten different plans.

NOTE: 60-day money-back guarantee.

So, it is recommended that you try it out for 2 months to make sure you like it.

SuiteDash includes multiple lifetime deals on Appsumo, and some of them are: 


This plan’s annual price is $1188, and you have to pay this price every year. But, with a lifetime deal, you only have to pay $129 and can access all its features for a lifetime. Some of the features of this package include:

  • 3 staff/team members
  • 100 GB storage


The next package, named “Double,” is the second-lifetime deal that you can get for just $258. Basically, you’ll have to pay $2376 annually for this plan, but by getting the deal, you can access it for a lifetime for just $258.

  • 6 staff/team members
  • 200 GB storage


The third package, also known as “Multiple,” offers several purchasing options on one plan. Multiple’s discount pricing starts from $387 ( regular price $3564) to $1290 ( regular price $11880). The $387 plan includes the following features:

  • 12 staff/team members
  • 300 GB storage

As you can see, you’ll get more than 95% off by getting a lifetime deal, which is a really great deal. However, don’t get confused about the features that are included in all three packages. 

All three packages may provide separate facilities for team members and storage, but they all have all the primary features of SuiteDash. Features included in all plans

  • Suitedash CRM / Client Management:

CRM, or client management, is something that makes SuiteDash stand out from others. This tool has a number of client management facilities, such as client management, scheduling, tracking, automated actions, a communication tool, and so on. Overall, SuiteDash will work for you as a one-stop client management solution.

  • Collaboration:

When it comes to a business project management app, collaboration is essential. Well, SuiteDash comes with multiple collaboration facilities, including project and task assigning, project automation, work requests, time tracking, live chat, and so on. These vital amenities will make your business operations more efficient and save time as well. 

  • Custom Client On-Boarding:

Custom client onboarding is one of the unique features that you’ll rarely find in others. You and your staff will be able to connect to the account from various devices thanks to this functionality. Therefore, you and your staff will be able to maintain organization while streamlining communication with clients.

  • Several Marking Faculties: 

SuiteDash has many features that will make you a fan, one of which is its marketing policy. It offers email marketing, drip campaigns, marketing automation, and so on. This business management tool also provides some pre-built templates and lets you track the clicks or opens.

  •  Advanced File Exchange:

When it comes to business management, storing, sharing, and accessing files is like a headache. However, with SuiteDash, you won’t feel the same as it provides a user-friendly interface where you can easily collaborate with your team or clients and perform management, sharing, accessing file access, etc.

  • Project Management:

SuiteDash includes multiple project management facilities so that you can manage everything related to your project with ease. This tool includes task assignments, task lists, project timelines, a summary of the resources, progress monitoring, and so on. In short, SuitDash will help you keep your business running, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise.

  • Top-Notch Branding Facilities:

Do you want to get a management tool but are worried about your brand name or promotion strategy? If this is the case, SuiteDash can assist you. That is because this tool will allow you to use your logo, color, brand emailing, custom URL, and most importantly, SuiteDash login page. 

  • Powerful Billing: 

SuiteDash includes powerful billing features such as digital proposals, advanced invoicing, online payment, tracking payments, and so on. In short, you don’t have to go through multiple solutions in terms of billing.

  • Innovative Scheduling:

If you own a business, you must know how important it is to have a tool that will do the scheduling business for you. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that SuiteDash has plenty of scheduling features, such as appointment scheduling, a custom book me page, an integrated calendar, event automation, calendar sync, and so on.

  • Appointment Scheduling:

The appointment scheduling tool on Suitedash aids time-constrained professionals. Multiple appointments can be added at once, the schedule can be seen in calendar format, and alerts can be received when an appointment is approaching. In short, SuiteDash will be the perfect choice for professionals.

  • Mobile App

Unlike other business management tools, SuiteDash is a complete tool that will fulfill your every business-related need. Plus, to ensure easy accessibility, this platform introduced a suitedash app. This is a free app and also supports both iOS and Android.

Extra 10% Off on AppSumo

  • Follow the instructions and get the extra benefit of 10% OFF 😉
  • Go to this link AppSumo and get 10% OFF
  • You will see a pop-up form comes for unlocking a 10% discount
  • Provide your email there and claim your discount
  • Note: This is available for first-time purchases only

SuiteDash Pricing Plans  [Regular Price Plans]

SuiteDash pricing

In the previous section, I have shown a complete SuiteDash review with all its features and facilities. And if you’re still wondering if you should join this SuiteDash community or whether the deal will be worth it, this section is for you.

Here I’m gonna show you the regular pricing of SuiteDash, have a look:

  1. START Pack: $19 (per month)
  • 12+ Integrated Toolkits
  • UNLIMITED CRM Contacts
  • UNLIMITED Staff/Team
  • UNLIMITED Portals
  • Extreme White Labeling
  • Custom Branded Mobile App
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • 100GB File Storage
  • Docs / Academy / Community
  • Upgrade at any time

  1. THRIVE Pack: $49 (per month)
  • Everything in the Start pack
  • Autoresponder Drip Marketing
  • Dynamic Proposals Toolkit
  • Custom Folder Generators
  • Advanced Custom Menus
  • Deal Stage Pipelines
  • Client-Side Live Chat**
  • Total of 500GB File Storage
  • 1 FREE Wizarding Session***
  • Up/Downgrade at any time

  1. PINNACLE Pack: $99 (per month)
  • Everything in Thrive pack
  • Task Dependency Logic
  • FLOWs Automation Toolkit
  • Trigger/Action Automation
  • LMS Learning Management
  • Support Tickets Toolkit**
  • Client/Customer Journeys**
  • Total of 2TB File Storage
  • 1 BONUS Wizarding Session***
  • Downgrade at any time

Note: These are the features that you’ll get with SuiteDash’s regular plans. However, among all these features, you’ll also get the SuiteDash WordPress plugin included in all the plans.

Closing Thoughts

Since you’re here, I can bet you have a pretty good idea about the SuiteDash lifetime deal and this platform. Plus, throughout this article, I’ve tried to provide a complete SuiteDash roadmap that will let you understand it with ease.

So, without further ado, try this platform today and make your business management process effortless in no time. No matter what lifetime deal you get, you will be able to access all their features for a lifetime.

Alongside that, you’ll have access to all the standard features of SuiteDash as well.

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SuiteDash Lifetime Deal
SuiteDash Lifetime Deal

SuiteDash is offering a lifetime deal. Don't miss this opportunity, Read the SuiteDash Review & grab the deal and take your business one step forward.

Price: 129

Price Currency: USD

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An all-in-one business software that improves communication and team collaboration
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60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!
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