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Formaloo Review, Pricing, Lifetime Deal $99 | Extra 10% OFF Inside

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When it comes to collecting, organizing, and making sense of business data, it can feel like putting together a Frankenstein’s monster of software tools.

Meet Formaloo, you can make your workflow easier and speed up the way you gather data.

In this Formaloo review, we’ll look at the tool’s features, pricing, and Formaloo lifetime deal options.

What is Formaloo?

Formaloo review

Formaloo is a platform that doesn’t require you to know how to code. It lets you make custom forms, mobile apps, and internal databases without knowing how to code.

Formaloo makes it easy to make powerful tools for your business, whether you’re a consultant, a marketing agency, or a web design agency.

Best For

Alternative To

  • Appy Pie
  • Gravity Forms
  • Typeform

Formaloo Features

Formaloo Features

Formaloo is the most advanced form and quiz builder in the world because it has so many powerful features. Based on the information given, here are some key points:

Powerful Logic, Calculator & Database Mode: Formaloo allows you to leverage conditional logic and workflow automation to create smart forms. You can create forms with unlimited logic jumps, conditions, workflows, redirects, and branches. It also supports the creation of relational forms, databases, and apps.

Live Quizzes, Polls & Reports: With Formaloo, you can create interactive quizzes, live polls, and Q&As. Whether you want to test knowledge, run a fun quiz, or facilitate student learning, Formaloo provides dynamic and enjoyable features for engaging your audience.

Drag and Drop Interface: Formaloo offers a user-friendly interface where you can easily build forms and apps by dragging and dropping elements. You don’t need any coding skills to create custom solutions tailored to your business needs.

Collaboration and Access Management: You can collaborate with your team and share your forms and apps with teammates, customers, and partners. Formaloo provides advanced access management, allowing you to control user access to data and actions.

Membership Portals: Formaloo enables you to create stunning membership portals with no coding required. You can build exclusive communities, customize portal designs, manage users, and set access permissions.

Analytics and Reporting: Formaloo provides enterprise-grade analytics to help you understand your data. You can track and analyze form responses, quiz results, and other metrics to gain insights and optimize your customer engagement.

Integrations: Formaloo integrates with over 3,000 tools, including popular platforms like Google, Slack, WordPress, and more. This allows you to sync your data and streamline your workflows across your organization.

Customer Data Platform (CDP): Formaloo offers a CDP that helps businesses analyze customer data, increase conversion rates, and reduce churn. It integrates with various data sources and provides AI-powered customer analytics to drive growth and improve customer satisfaction.

Formaloo’s comprehensive feature set, combined with its no-code approach, makes it a versatile and powerful platform for businesses of all sizes.

Please note that the information provided is based on the given text, and for the most accurate and up-to-date details, it is recommended to visit the Formaloo website directly.

Formaloo Pricing

Formaloo Pricing

Here are four different pricing options for Formaloo:

  1. Free:
  • Ideal for individuals
  • Limited to one visitor
  • Basic features included
  • Restricted storage and integrations
  • No customization options

  1. Plus:
  • Suitable for startups
  • Increased limits on visitors and submissions
  • More storage and integrations are available
  • Basic customization options included

  1. Pro:
  • Designed for teams
  • Unlimited visitors, submissions, and storage
  • Advanced customization options
  • Access to additional features and integrations

  1. Enterprise:
  • Tailored solution for large organizations
  • Unlimited visitors, submissions, and storage
  • Extensive customization options available
  • Dedicated support, advanced security features, and additional integrations

Formaloo Lifetime Deal

Formaloo Lifetime Deal

Formaloo offers a lifetime deal with three different package options.

Let’s take a closer look at what each package includes:

  1. License Tier 1 – $99 (original price: $684)
  • 10 live apps (at one time)
  • 3 team members (each workspace)
  • 10 GB secure cloud storage per team member
  • 1 workspace
  1. License Tier 2 – $199 (original price: $1,140)
  • Unlimited live apps (at one time)
  • 5 team members (each workspace)
  • 10 GB secure cloud storage per team member
  • 1 workspace
  1. License Tier 3 – $299 (original price: $3,420)
  • Unlimited live apps (at one time)
  • 15 team members (each workspace)
  • 10 GB secure cloud storage per team member
  • 5 workspaces
  • Smart backup

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Formaloo Review (What Customers Say)

Customers have liked how easy it is to use and how powerful it is. Here are some words from happy customers:

Formaloo Review

What Makes Formaloo Stand Out From Others?

Formaloo stands out from its competitors in several ways:

  1. No-Code App Builder: With Formaloo, you can create business apps and engagement tools without writing any code. This empowers businesses to create custom solutions without relying on developers or switching between different applications.
  2. Collaborative Workspace: Formaloo allows you to create a custom CRM for your business and collaborate securely on projects. You can manage multiple businesses and clients in dedicated workspaces, facilitating real-time collaboration with your team.
  3. Conditional Logic and Workflow Automation: With Formaloo, you can leverage powerful conditional logic and workflow automation to gather the right information from your audience. Create smart forms, surveys, and polls with unlimited conditions and custom workflows, and link your forms together seamlessly.
  4. Form Calculators: Formaloo offers a variety of calculators that make your forms more engaging and interactive. You can include grade calculators, pricing calculators, and other custom calculators to enhance user experience and collect specific data.

Formaloo Pros And Cons

Our analysis of the pros and cons is based on what customers say, which means that future software updates could make things better.


  • Outstanding forms builder
  • Feature-rich and customizable
  • Custom notifications
  • Lifetime license
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Regular updates and development


  • Learning curve
  • Bugs and unreliable
  • Disorganized support system
  • Conditional logic issues

Final Verdict

Formaloo is a powerful platform that lets businesses collect and manage data without having to write any code. Formaloo is a great choice for businesses that want to streamline their data collection process.

It has an easy-to-use interface, a shared workspace, and advanced features like conditional logic and form calculators. With options for a lifetime deal starting at just $99, it’s a good investment for businesses of any size.

Get access to Formaloo lifetime deal right now and take your data collection to the next level.

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Create custom business apps, forms, and internal databases without writing any code
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