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Chatbase Review & Lifetime Deal $29 – Best AI Customer Chat?

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Looking for an intelligent customer chat solution? Say goodbye to frustrating customer support experiences.

Meet Chatbase.

Read our Chatbase review and explore its game-changing lifetime deal for only $29.

Discover how Chatbase utilizes ChatGPT’s language processing and intelligence to create powerful and adaptable chatbots.

What’s Chatbase?

chatbase review

Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder that lets users create, train, and embed smart chatbots powered by ChatGPT right on their websites. With Chatbase, users have everything they need to make a chatbot that fits with their brand and gives smart answers.

Best For:

Chatbase is a great tool for bloggers, small businesses, and customer service teams that want to use AI-powered chatbots to improve their customer service. Because it can be used in many different industries and situations, it is very useful.

Alternative To:

Chatbase is a strong alternative to traditional chatbot platforms that works similarly to Intercom. Chatbase is a great option for businesses that want to improve their customer service because of its powerful features and easy integrations.

Chatbase Features

Chatbase Features

Custom ChatGPT for your data: Upload your documents or add a link to your website to get a chatbot trained on your data that works like ChatGPT. You can add it as a widget to your site or use the API to talk to it.

Build Your Chatbot: Chatbase makes it easy to make chatbots for many different purposes. For example, you can make a chatbot for Product Hunt by crawling the website and training the AI on its content. You can put the chatbot on your website and give your visitors a personalized experience.

Live Demo: Chatbase has a live demo where you can watch a chatbot learn from a document that describes how Chatbase works. This demo shows off what the chatbot can do and how it works.
Integration with Favorite Tools: Chatbase works better when it is integrated with popular tools.

As an example:
WordPress: You can add an AI chatbot to your WordPress site and use its power to better connect with your audience.

Zapier: You can connect your chatbot to more than 5,000 apps on Zapier to automate tasks and make workflows easier.

Soon, your chatbot will be able to work with Slack and Shopify, giving you even more ways to use it.

Chatbase Lifetime Deal

Chatbase Lifetime Deal

Chatbase has a good deal for life that costs only $29 right now. This one-time purchase includes all of the features listed below, as well as updates in the future. This makes it a long-term solution that is affordable and good value for money.

License Tier 1: For $29, users can use all of the features, which include 1,000 message credits per month, 10 chatbots, and 2,000,000 characters per chatbot.

License Tier 2: This level costs $159 and comes with extra features like 5,000 message credits per month, 40 chatbots, and 6 million characters per chatbot.

Users will also be able to connect their OpenAI API Key to keep using the chatbot after the monthly message limit has been reached and without the Chatbase branding.

Most of the deals are out of stock within a week or month of coming to AppSumo. So act quickly before it’s gone.

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Customer Review About Chatbase

Chatbase Lifetime Deal Review

Users who have tried Chatbase have said that they like how it works and how easy it is to use. They like how easy it is to train the chatbot using online or offline data and how they can change its look and voice to match the style and personality of their brand.

Positive comments have also been made about how well Chatbase fits into their websites.

Regular Chatbase Pricing

Regular Chatbase Pricing

Chatbase offers different pricing plans to cater to varying needs and usage levels. Here’s what you need to know about the regular pricing options:

Hobby Plan:

  • Monthly Cost: $19 per month
  • 2,000 text messages per month
  • Five chatbots
  • 2 million characters per chatbot
  • Embed on as many sites as you want.
  • Upload multiple files.
  • Access to the API

Growth Plan:

  • Monthly Cost: $49 per month
  • 5,000 text messages per month
  • Here are 10 chatbots.
  • 4 million characters per chatbot
  • Embed on as many sites as you want.
  • Upload multiple files.
  • Access to the API

Standard Plan:

  • Monthly Cost: $99 per month
  • 10,000 credits per month
  • Twenty chatbots
  • 6 million characters per chatbot
  • Embed on as many sites as you want.
  • Upload multiple files.
  • Choose GPT-4 if you want to access the API

Unlimited Plan:

  • Monthly Cost: $399 per month
  • 40,000 message credits per month are included. If you send more than that, your OpenAI API key will be used.
  • Forty chatbots
  • 11 million letters per chatbot
  • Embed on as many sites as you want.
  • Upload multiple files.
  • API Access Option to Pick GPT-4: Remove “Powered by Chatbase”

Please note that the prices listed above are based on billing once a month. There may also be discounts for paying for a year’s worth of services at once.

These plans are flexible and can be changed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

What makes Chatbase stand out from others?

Chatbase is different from other chatbot builders because it has a lot of great features:

Build Chatbots: Users of Chatbase can turn ChatGPT into a smart customer service chatbot for their websites. It lets users upload files like Word documents, PDFs, and other text files to use for offline training. Users can also train the chatbot with plain text copied from emails and text messages that can’t be downloaded.

Data Sources: Chatbase lets users train their chatbots using data from any online or offline source. This makes gathering information easy and flexible.

Customization options: With Chatbase, it’s easy to change how the chatbot looks so it fits with the brand’s style. Users can add a profile picture, choose a light or dark theme, change the text bubbles, and change the opening greeting to make it more personal. “Suggested messages” can also include answers to frequently asked questions so that users can get answers quickly.

Options for embedding: Chatbase makes it easy to add chatbots to websites by using widgets or iframes. Users can copy and paste the HTML code that is given to limit the bot to certain domains. The Chatbase API makes it easy for any application to talk to the chatbot.

Final Verdict

Chatbase gives you everything you need to build and train AI-powered chatbots that improve customer service. Users can get access to all of the powerful features for just $29 with the lifetime deal.

Chatbase gives you the tools and flexibility you need to improve your customer service and make your customers happier, whether you’re a blogger, a small business owner, or part of a customer support team.

With Chatbase lifetime deal, you can improve your customer service. Don’t miss out on this chance. Today, improve your customer service!


What’s Chatbase?

It’s an AI chatbot builder that uses your data to train ChatGPT and lets you add a chat widget to your website.

What should my data look like?

You can upload files (.pdf,.txt,.doc, and.docx), paste text, or give a link to your website for scraping.

Can I tell what to do to my chatbots?

Yes, you can change the base prompt and give your chatbot a name, personality traits, and specific instructions on how to answer questions.

Where are my files kept?

The content of the document is stored on secure GCP/AWS servers in the Northeast region.

Is GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 used?

Chatbase uses gpt-3.5-turbo by default, but users of the Standard and Unlimited plans can switch to gpt-4 if they want to.

How do I add my chatbot to my website?

At the bottom right of your website, you can easily embed an iframe or add a chat bubble. Also, the API makes it possible to talk to your chatbot from different platforms.

Does it work with more than one language?

Yes, Chatbase supports about 95 languages. This means that you can use sources in any language to train your chatbot and talk to it in any language.

Can I tell people about a chatbot I made?

Your chatbots are private by default, but you can change the settings to make them public, which lets you share them with other people.

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