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Albato Review, Lifetime Deal $69 – Simplify Life Through Automation

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In today’s ever-evolving digital world, automation is a must-have for businesses looking to automate their processes and save time, but setting up complicated automation often necessitates coding expertise and can be intimidating.

Introduce Albato! The no code automation platform!

In this review, we’ll take a look at the Albato review, features, and advantages of this automation platform. We’ll also take a look at its lifetime deal price of only $69.

What is Albato?

Albato review

If you’re looking for a no-code, easy-to-use platform that lets you connect cloud services and create custom automations, Albato is the way to go.

It’s got a simple, intuitive interface and a huge library of more than 500 cloud apps. Whether you’re looking to link up your favorite tools, or just want to move data from one platform to another, Albato has got you covered.

Best For

  1. Developers: Albato caters to developers who want to create custom integrations and workflows for their projects without the hassle of coding.
  2. E-commerce: E-commerce businesses can benefit from Albato’s automation capabilities to streamline their order processing, inventory management, and customer support systems.
  3. Marketing agencies: Albato allows marketing agencies to automate various marketing tasks, such as lead generation, social media management, and email marketing, saving time and effort.

Alternative To

While there are other automation platforms available in the market, Albato stands out due to its user-friendly interface and extensive integration options.

Here’s how Albato compares to two popular alternatives:

  1. Make: Albato offers a more intuitive and user-friendly experience compared to Make, making it accessible to users with varying technical backgrounds.
  2. Zapier: Unlike Zapier, Albato provides more flexibility in terms of customization and integration options, allowing users to create tailored automation specific to their business needs.

Albato Features

Albato Features

Albato offers a bunch of features, we have listed below:

  • Build and automate your own Saas ecosystem: Albato empowers you to create and automate your own Software as a Service (SaaS) ecosystem. This means you can connect and integrate various applications and platforms to streamline your business processes and workflows.
  • Connect multiple apps and platforms: Albato goes beyond simple app connections. It allows you to connect and integrate dozens of apps and platforms, enabling you to build complex automation solutions that span across your entire digital infrastructure.
  • Make API integrations a breeze: You don’t need to be a developer to connect your apps with Albato. The platform provides a user-friendly Automation Builder that guides you through the process of integrating cloud apps. With step-by-step instructions, you can easily set up API integrations without any coding skills. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time and a cup of coffee!
  • Easily integrate any cloud apps: Albato supports the integration of cloud apps, regardless of their complexity. Whether you’re working with simple or highly sophisticated applications, the platform offers a straightforward approach to integrating them seamlessly. You can follow the intuitive interface to connect your desired apps and automate your workflows effortlessly.
  • Receive 24/7 support: Albato is dedicated to providing excellent customer support. With offices located worldwide, they offer 24/7 assistance to ensure that you receive prompt and high-quality support. The support team is available in multiple languages, catering to customers globally. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to them at any time.
  • Enjoy a simple UI: Albato features a user-friendly interface designed to be accessible to both experienced developers and non-technical team members. The intuitive design allows you to create and manage workflows with ease. You can easily configure flexible scenarios, add new applications to enhance your workflows, and simplify the lives of your entire team.
  • Easily suggest new integrations: Albato values customer feedback and actively encourages users to suggest new integrations. If there’s an app or platform you’d like to see integrated into the system, you can easily submit your suggestions. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that Albato stays up to date with the evolving needs of its users.

How The Albato Interface Works

Albato automation platform

Albato simplifies the process of workflow automation. In just three easy steps, you can automate any workflow:

  1. Create an automation: Define the specific workflow you want to automate within Albato’s interface.
  2. Select the origin app: Choose the app or platform from which the automation will originate.
  3. Select the destination app: Specify the app or platform where the automation will be executed. With these three simple steps, you can streamline and optimize your workflows hassle-free.

Albato Regular Pricing

Albato Regular Pricing

Albato offers 6 different packages on its website. Lists are below:


  • Price: $0/mo
  • Ideal for: Easy two-step API automations
  • Free trial: One week
  • Active automations: 15 min
  • Steps per automation: 5
  • Transactions: 2
  • Additional transactions: 100
  • Automation help sessions: Not specified


  • Price: $15/mo
  • Best for: Individuals with limited data
  • Free trial: One week
  • Active automations: 15 min
  • Steps per automation: 20
  • Transactions: Not specified
  • Additional transactions: 1,000
  • Price per additional transaction: Not specified
  • Automation help sessions: Not specified


  • Price: $42/mo
  • Best for: Small businesses with multiple tasks
  • Free trial: One week
  • Active automations: 5 min
  • Steps per automation: Not specified
  • Transactions: Not specified
  • Additional transactions: 5,000
  • Price per additional transaction: $0.02
  • Automation help sessions: 1


  • Price: $104/mo
  • Best for: Midsize businesses with larger limits
  • Free trial: One week
  • Active automations: 5 min
  • Steps per automation: Not specified
  • Transactions: Not specified
  • Additional transactions: 15,000
  • Price per additional transaction: $0.02
  • Automation help sessions: 2


  • Price: $162/mo
  • Best for: Handling enterprise data volume
  • Free trial: One week
  • Active automations: 1 min
  • Steps per automation: Not specified
  • Transactions: Not specified
  • Additional transactions: 30,000
  • Price per additional transaction: $0.01
  • Automation help sessions: 3


  • Price: Custom
  • Best for: Custom plan tailored to your needs
  • Free trial: One week
  • Active automations: 1 min
  • Steps per automation: Not specified
  • Transactions: Not specified
  • Additional transactions: Custom
  • Price per additional transaction: Custom
  • Automation help sessions: Custom
  • Contact Albato for more information

Albato Lifetime Deal

Albato Lifetime Deal

Albato offers a lifetime deal with three different packages tailored to suit different requirements. Let’s take a closer look at each package:

  1. License Tier 1 ($69):
  • All features included
  • 15,000 operations per month
  • 5-minute automation update time
  • 20 active automation numbers

  1. License Tier 2 ($139):
  • All features included
  • 45,000 operations per month
  • 1-minute automation update time
  • Unlimited active automation numbers
  • Data migration
  • Custom webhooks
  • Auto-replay of data
  • Custom HTTP request
  • App integrator (custom apps)

  1. License Tier 3 ($299):
  • All features included
  • 150,000 operations per month
  • 1-minute automation update time
  • Unlimited active automation numbers
  • Data migration
  • Custom webhooks
  • Auto-replay of data
  • Custom HTTP request
  • App integrator (custom apps)
  • Dedicated queue handlers

Most of the deals are out of stock within a week or month of coming to AppSumo. So act quickly before it’s gone.

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What Makes Albato Stand Out From Others?

  1. Code-Free Automation: Albato allows users to build custom automations between any cloud app without requiring any coding knowledge. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to configure workflows and automate tasks.
  2. Extensive App Library: With a library of over 500 cloud apps, Albato offers a wide range of integrations to choose from. Users can easily connect their preferred tools and create seamless workflows.
  3. White Label and Integration: Albato provides the option to white-label the platform and integrate it with your own product. This allows users to create a customized ecosystem with native integrations, enhancing the user experience.

What Customer Says About Albato?

Albato review

Albato received mixed reviews from customers. Most customers found it to be very helpful and efficient in their workflow. They value the advantages it provides to their companies.

However, a few clients have found the platform to be unstable at times. Clients have experienced issues and have voiced their concerns.

Albato acknowledges the issue and has assured customers that it is in the process of resolving the issues.

Albato Pros And Cons


  • Alternative to Zapier
  • Packed with favorite apps
  • Great customer support and fast response times
  • Better than other automation tools like Sync Spider
  • Bunch of available apps


  • Some users had difficulty integrating their apps and found it unusable
  • API documentation and functionality could be improved

Final Verdict

Albato offers a compelling solution for businesses and individuals looking to automate their workflows without the need for coding. With its no-code approach, extensive app library, and lifetime deal pricing starting at just $69, Albato provides excellent value for money.

Whether you’re a developer, an e-commerce business, or a marketing agency, Albato can simplify your automation processes and help you save time and effort.

Take advantage of the Albato lifetime deal today and unlock the power of automation for your business.

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