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Letterly Review, Pros & Cons, Lifetime Deal $59

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Have you ever had a great idea slip away because your hands were busy? Maybe you were cooking, driving, or holding something and couldn’t write it down.

If any of this sounds familiar, then Letterly might be just what you need.

In this Letterly review post, we will talk about the Letterly lifetime deal, its features, pros and cons and exclusive lifetime deals with an extra 10% OFF.

Letterly is a mobile app that makes writing easy. You just speak into it, and it turns your speech into well-written text using AI. It’s like having a personal assistant who writes everything down for you, perfectly and quickly.

With Letterly, you can:

  • Write messages
  • Create content
  • Gather thoughts effortlessly

What is Letterly?

Letterly review

Have you ever sat in front of your computer or phone, staring at a blank screen, trying to find the right words, but nothing comes out? It’s frustrating when you know what you want to say, but you just can’t get it into words. And then there are all those emails waiting for a reply, but it feels like too much effort to type out a response, so you keep putting it off.

Letterly is a mobile app designed to make writing as easy as speaking. Imagine you have a thought or idea and want to write it down quickly, but typing feels like a hassle. With Letterly, all you need to do is speak into the app, and it instantly converts your speech into well-crafted text. This means you can create emails, messages, notes, social media posts, and more without ever touching your keyboard. 

The creators of Letterly worked with linguists—language experts who understand the nuances of human speech—to train the AI model. This ensures that the text produced by Letterly is not only accurate but also sounds natural and polished. The app captures the tone and style of your voice, making it seem like you wrote the text yourself.

Main Features:

  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • 15+ rewrite options
  • Preserve your tone and style
  • Easy content creation for social media
  • Supports 90+ languages

Best For Letterly

Letterly is perfect for a variety of users. Here’s a quick list:

  • C-suite executives
  • Content creators
  • Marketers
  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Professionals who need to draft emails or reports quickly

Alternative To Letterly

If you’re considering Letterly, you might also be looking at these alternatives:

  • Descript
  • Notion
  • Rev
  • Trint

Letterly Features

Letterly Features

Letterly is packed with features to make your writing process seamless. Here are some key points:

  • Multi-Language Support:
    • Recognizes and transcribes speech in over 100 languages automatically.
  • Rewriting Options:
    • Allows users to choose from various rewriting styles such as slight, significant, and structured rewrites.
  • Screen Off Recording:
    • Enables recording even with the screen off, ideal for on-the-go situations.
  • Dark and Light Modes:
    • Users can select their preferred interface theme between dark and light modes.
  • Text Structuring:
    • AI can structure text inputs for users who prefer typing rather than speaking.
  • Widget Feature (Coming Soon):
    • Offers a convenient way to quickly initiate recording using the widget.

Letterly Lifetime Deal

Letterly Lifetime Deal

Right now, Letterly offers a fantastic lifetime deal. You can get lifetime access for a one-time payment, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Plan 1: $59 (Normally $118)

  • 1 device license
  • Unlimited notes
  • 90+ languages recognized
  • 15 minutes per recording
  • 27 rewrite options
  • Unlimited recording
  • Voice transcription
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Screen-off recording
  • Offline recording

Plan 2: $118 (Normally $236)

  • 2 device licenses
  • All features in Plan 1

Plan 3: $177 (Normally $354)

  • 4 device licenses
  • All features in Plan 1

Most of the deals are out of stock within a week or month of coming to AppSumo. So act quickly before it’s gone.

How to Get an Extra 10% OFF On Letterly Lifetime Deal?

Extra 10% Off on AppSumo
  • Follow the instructions and get the extra benefit of 10% OFF 😉
  • Go to this link AppSumo and get 10% OFF
  • You will see a pop-up form for unlocking a 10% discount
  • Provide your email there and claim your discount
  • Note: This is available for first-time purchases only

What Makes Letterly Stand Out From Others?

Letterly features

Here are some unique points that make Letterly a must-have tool:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate.
  • 📱 Native Mobile Apps: Available on iOS and Android.
  • 🔄 Multiple Rewrite Options: 15 ways to tweak your text.
  • 🌍 Multi-language Support: Recognizes 90+ languages.
  • 🔒 Privacy First: GDPR-compliant.
  • 🚀 Constant Updates: New features are regularly added

Letterly Reviews (What Customers Say)

Check out below AppSumo review section about Letterly.

Letterly Reviews

Letterly Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Accurate voice transcription
  • Multiple rewrite options
  • Affordable lifetime deal
  • Supports many languages


  • Limited to mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • No desktop version yet
  • 15-minute recording limit per session

Final Verdict

Letterly is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to convert speech into text quickly and accurately. Whether you’re a busy executive, a content creator facing writer’s block, or someone who just wants to jot down thoughts without typing, Letterly can make your life easier. Its user-friendly interface, multiple rewrite options, and support for numerous languages make it stand out.

The lifetime deal is a great investment for long-term use. Give Letterly a try and experience the convenience of effortlessly turning your speech into well-written text.

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Quickly write messages, take notes, or create content by turning your speech into well-written text
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